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  • Daclaud’s Best Cowboy Bebop Quotes
    Classic Anime at it's Best! I just recently took two days and binged listened (yes, you saw that right), binged listened to all 26 episodes of my favorite anime of all time, Cowboy Bebop.
  • 10 Ways to Get Over a Breakup
    Never be afraid to lose a girlfriend. There are an abundance of beautiful women out there. A breakup only hurts because you are placed into an […]
  • 10 Ways to Stay Alive Even if You Think Suicide is The Answer
    Are you feeling suicidal today? Read this. I am assuming that you are here because you are researching suicide? The terrifying thoughts of suicide have often crossed my mind too.
  • Daclaud’s Top 10 Horror Movie List
    All of my life I have always been a huge fan of horror movies! My dad would always be working late at night, so my mom […]
  • Daclaud’s Top 10 Warhammer Age of Sigmar Factions
    These are the Warhammer Age of Sigmar factions that I like the best. If you disagree, then that’s on you! I will explain why I like […]
  • SHAZAM! 2019 Movie Review (Spoiler free)
    I was fortunate enough to watch an early screening of the Zachary Levi fronted superhero offering from DC comics entitled SHAZAM. Fandango events rule! I like to […]
  • Disney Vs Ghibli
    Disney and Studio Ghibli are both award winning animation houses on opposite sides of the world. One resides in the United States and is run by […]
    I’m informed that one of the many secrets to being a success is to teach whatever it is you think you know to whomever believes they […]
  • Lord Veil Blog 1
    Since the sale of my first book I’ve been in some fantasy that this is the meek beginning of what will turn out to be a […]
  • Presenting the Aftermath
    Deadlier than Zombies! Presenting: The Aftermath
    Presenting the Aftermath a Novel by Lord Veil PRESENTING: THE AFTERMATH is a shocking horror adventure written by one of our very own here at Random […]
  • Fun and Games at Canal Street Arcade and Deli
    Gaming at Canal Street Arcade and Deli The Amazing Canal Street Arcade and Deli! What can we say about the amazingness of the Canal Street Arcade […]
  • Marvel Contest of Champions
    CARNAGE DESCENDS!!! ~by Lord Veil
      WARNING! CARNAGE HAS ENTERED THE MCoC!!! HE’S BEING PURSUED BY AN EVEN BIGGER THREAT, PUNISHER 2099!!! If you remember one of the greatest Marvel crossover […]
    In war anything goes. Trash talk, hard battles, special moves, boosts and carnage… That’s to be expected when it’s team vs team and the champs are […]
    I’ve been drinking and talking and taxi riding with Drac the whole night. We will eventually get to the meat of the interview. Which is me […]
  • Random Review of Cats
    The time has come to put cats in their place! Only randominterviews.com has the balls to take on this feline menace! What ARE these mercurially moody […]
  • Interview w/an Underground Goth Rock Superstar, 2
    DISCLAIMER: Lord Veil here. As stated before, this underground Gothic Rock icon refuses to let us use his identity and will roll under the pseudonym “DRAC” […]
  • Interview with an underground Goth Rock Superstar
     DISCLAIMER: Lord Veil here. For the purpose of this interview I’m afraid I must refer to my interviewee as “Drac” since he deems it “UnGoth” to […]
  • valentines day interviews
    Valentine’s Day 2016 with 10 Random People
    Valentine’s Day can either be the most romantic or the most depressing holiday depending on who you ask. This year, we interview several featured guests to […]