About Daclaud Lee

Daclaud Lee is a graduate of Franklin University in Columbus Ohio with a Bachelor of Science in e-Marketing. Besides his interviews with Fictional Characters on Random Interviews, Daclaud Lee is also a miniatures painter and always enjoys a good movie on Netflix.

10 Not So Random Vanilla Interview Questions:

Favorite TV Show?

DL: The Walking Dead

Favorite Ice Cream?

DL: Pumpkin Pie

Favorite Color?

DL: Black

Favorite Non Chain Restaurant?

DL:┬áDon’t have one. I like all types of food and trying new restaurants!

Favorite Anime?

DL: Berserk

Favorite Musical Genre?

DL: Synthpop

Favorite Holiday?

DL: Halloween

Favorite Wine?

DL: Gewurtztraminer

Favorite Beer?

DL: Pumking by Southern Tier

Favorite Table Top Game?

DL: Super Dungeon Explore

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