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About Lord Veil

I’m Lord Veil. I was born J. V. Perez in Fairfield-Suisun City California on July 19, 1971. My passionate interests have always included literature, music and motion pictures. I started writing poems at age 7 and began playing trumpet shortly thereafter. My mother, Rita Anne Gomez, used to make me watch all those classic sword and sandal films with her. I thoroughly enjoyed them, but not as much as the horror films I was privileged to watch with my step-dad, Rafael Gomez Jr. I instantly became hooked on the indie/horror/Sci-Fi genres (and was once a Horror Convention junkie!). In high school I was your typical band/drama geek with no life to speak of. I spent most of my rebellious 20’s as a vagabond gaining life experiences to write about. And I certainly accomplished that goal. In my thirties I fronted an underground Theatrical Gothic Rock band in Cleveland. It was simply called, “Veil” with exception of one show, but that story is a novel itself. Now that I’m married with 3 beautiful children I’m using all that life experience to craft engaging genre fictions that I’ve been conjuring for decades. I hope you enjoy them!