Barell 44 with Adam Russell Elliott

Interview Dos (2) with Adam Russell Elliot at Barrell 44, Columbus Ohio, The Short North.

To begin we each, DL & LV, had an Iron City beer and a shot of Old Forrester Whiskey for $5.50.

An extremely open guy and all around great sport, ADAM RUSSELL ELLIOTT of Barrel 44 agreed to a random interview. We started off with light questions.

LV: What’s your favorite thing?

ARE: Whiskey!

LV: What kind?

ARE: Lagavulin.

LV: Why’s that?

ARE: Delicious whiskey. [Quickly corrects himself] Scotch!

LV: What’s your weirdest encounter at this bar?

ARE: [the disbelieving smile let’s us know this will be good] A homeless man talk about the robots! And how they’re coming. And how we better watch out. And how only the Black and Asian will understand. [DL’s Chinese, so Adam looks playfully inquisitive at him]

DL: [laughingly answers] I got no f*cking idea, man!  Maybe I do, but it would be a Chinese secret.

{Check the recording for the jeering we did after}

[Adam’s been serving food to his guests and interviewing with us inbetween. It smells and looks AMAZING so I ask]

LV: What’s your favorite food here?

ARE: Oh, man. The Crabcake BLT! It’s not on the menu, but the chef makes it for me anyway. It’s AWESOME.

LV: What if someone reads this and wants one?

ARE: We can make it for anybody who likes both crabcakes and bacon!

LV: Cool. So if this place were the set of a porno, what would be the title?

ARE: Barreled Over

LV: What would you call it if it starred Dwarves?

DL: What is it with you and Dwarves?

LV: They actually prefer to called “Little People.” I have little friends! They make everything better!

ARE: YES THEY DO! Then, we could call it Barrel Of Laughs!


Above:  Here’s the Bison (Buffalo).  Unless they moved it, be sure to look for it when you make your next visit to Barrel 44Daclaud

LV: The music here’s nice.

ARE: That’s cuz I’m in charge of it tonight.

LV: I like it. It’s not mainstream, but catchy and cool.

ARE: it’s Pandora. I like the Pretty Things station.

(Somehow we segue into the state of the bathrooms here)

ARE: Yaaaaaa… The bathroom’s been destroyed like four times so we just gave up on it. I think it adds to the charm of the place.

LV: Destroyed? Like with freaky stuff? Sex in the bathroom?

ARE: No sex in the bathroom. I’ve had girls threaten to dance on the bar when they’re wasted on occasion, though, but it’s REALLY not that rowdy a place.

DL: Can we elaborate on the girls dancing on the bar part?

(All laugh)

LV: If, and only if, you were paid an exorbitant amount of money, or if you were trashed and offered a dollar, would you shoot Lagavulin from the g-string of a peg legged stripper, after work, while she’s wearing it?

ARE: YA! The peg leg would only make her hotter!

LV: Now if you were to direct a lesbian porn, what would you call it?

[He thinks for a while while pouring his drinks and serving more awesome looking food. Comes back and answers]


ARE: Loosey Lucy!

LV: You’ve just gone to a rock concert. You have to work early. Three scantily clad girls from the band say, “if you come with us right now you can be our sex slave the entire tour.”

ARE: Hit me up next time, babes. ORRRRR…. Can my wife come? She doesn’t mind the ladies…

LV: Married? How old are you?

ARE: 32

LV: Kids? I have two and a half.

ARE: Maybe in a year.

LV: If an ex posted naked pics of you on the internet, how would you react?

ARE: I wouldn’t be too upset, I’d imagine. [said with a charming smile]

LV: Aliens take over and threaten to destroy the human race unless you sex their queen.

Do you phone it in?

Do you decline?

OR do you rock the F*CK out of her?

ARE: I’d go for it!

LV: And of she’s slug or insect like?

DL: What if she looks like the queen from Aliens?

ARE: Hell, I’d figure it out!

LV: Your opinion on sluts?

ARE: AWESOME! Men and women. F*ck it!

LV: Last question. As a bartender. If a drink required you to manually milk vaginal secretions from a stripper and add absinthe

-What would it be called?

-would you make it?

-And would you light it on fire?

ARE: I’d call it Wormwood

– YA!

– NO. Chilled. All the way.

DL and I had a great time in Adam’s hands. Very personable. He used to be in a band, like myself, so there’s very little he hasn’t seen or done. This makes for great conversation. Definitely check this place out.

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