What is the Best HVAC Company in Columbus OH?

HVAC stands for Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning. If you are in need of furnace or a/c repair, then you will want to know the best in Columbus Ohio. Random Interviews will tell you why we recommend Midwest Contractor (assuming that you live in or around Columbus Ohio).

Why Midwest Contractor?

DL: Midwest Contractor is available for heating and cooling work 24/7 and they perform service every day. Their hours include all holidays, which is awesome, because no one wants to be caught without heat on Christmas. This essentially makes them my top choice for HVAC repair in Columbus Ohio.

DL: In the hypothetical scenario that your furnace or heating unit breaks down during a cold day on Christmas Eve or (god forbid) Christmas Day, then you will need a reliable HVAC technician to diagnose your problem. Midwest Contractor has been in the business for more than 100 years (according to their website). Therefore, if you need emergency furnace repair in Columbus Ohio on a cold winter’s night, then you can just call Midwest. I usually care about price, I mean, who doesn’t? Midwest Contractor has a reputation for giving people a fair price for heating and cooling service in Columbus OH.

DL: In my experience, an AC unit will break down after about 10 years of usage. Some may last longer and some may die sooner. Personally mine laster for about 10 years. When it broke, I knew it had to either be fixed or replaced. After comparing prices, I found out that the cheapest unit costs about $2000 or more for a new unit (this should include labor as well). This price isn’t set in stone and as I’ve said, HVAC units can run for a lot more. Since they are relatively expensive, you really don’t want one dying on you after the warranty expires. Most HVAC companies have a maintenance plan. I would recommend taking the maintenance plan if you have an expensive unit. You should think of a HVAC maintenance plan like insurance.

DL: It is important to keep your air conditioning and heating unit well maintained. If you keep your unit well maintained and have it checked out like going to a doctor’s appointment, then it should last much longer.

Some Other HVAC companies recommended by Random People in Columbus OH

Twixien: Hey there – I had my whole system replaced this fall by Favret. My A/C hadn’t worked all summer, and my furnace had a couple of biiiig cracks in the heat exchanger. It was a pretty big job (weirdness with the exhaust/chimney), and after looking at a couple different options, I ended up doing the whole efficiency ball of wax, so I could take advantage of the $1500 credit. I was really pleased with the work they did, the way they did it and goodness knows, my house has never been as comfy as it is now.

They are local, but bigger; they only use employees, not contractors. A couple of the installers had been with the company for 5+ years, and the sales guy was with them for 15+ – which I thought spoke highly of the company, and was unusual for such a business.

CDS Sherman: We’re probably going to replace our heater and ac this summer or fall though, and not sure who we’ll use or what brand yet. So I’m also interested in suggestions. rheem,trane are good brands but tempstar,bryant suck ass.

HeySquare: I’ve been using Cardinal. It’s a one man operation. He’s been super… figured out why my heater cut out in the middle of last winter, quickly and cheaply fixed the problem, and gave me lots of solid advice on how to keep the problem from recurring.

Just_Me!: Quality Air and Heat My furnace died within a week of moving into my house. (Fortunately it was covered under the home warranty.) Quality Air was great. They brought me a portable heater to borrow for the night, and then came back to fix it the next day. They also rotated the direction of the furnace to be better accessed in the future. My 100 year old house had the furnace opening in a very tight spot. Whomever installed the furnace 20 years before that hadn’t bothered to do that. The furnace is only 4 years old but has held up perfectly since installation.

The M.O.: Sears Heating and Cooling (not related to THE Sears). We’ve used them for over 20 years — well run by good, conscientious folks.

Top 10 Honorable Mentions for HVAC Service Providers

  1. Paramount Air
  2. Classic Air
  3. Swiss Air
  4. Columbus Worthington Air
  5. Alas Butler
  6. Fire and Ice Heating and Cooling
  7. Airtron Inc.
  8. Salmon’s Heating and Cooling
  9. Pure Comfort Heating and Cooling
  10. Klein Heating and Cooling

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