“Bob the Builder” Gives a Lively Interview at the “Short North Coffee House”

Smell the brew. Allow the aroma to overtake you. Greeted by a bunch of smiling faces, you decide to stay awhile. Do you like poetry? How about art? Endless refills of coffee? Then the Short North Coffee House is the place for you to be.

As I sit with my cup of delicious blend, the eclectic crowd in this 24hr coffee house adds to the already amazing vibes. Work by local artists decorates the walls as a poetry group recites original pieces to patrons.

The atmosphere stimulates all of my senses; then I run into a regular who goes by “Bob the Builder”. We share a few laughs, and he decides to take a journey with me into uncharted territory.

T: What’s one thing you really like about this coffee house?

B: Poetry Night.

T: What’s your favorite thing on the menu?

B: The “Ultimate Burrito”!

T: This is where the real fun begins…

B: let’s go.

T: You have the chance to create a law that can’t be repealed. What is it?

B: Everyone is a nudist.

T: It’s a zombie apocalypse. In order to survive you have to either eat the zombie’s arm or have sex with the zombie. Which one do you choose?

B: Either way you will become a zombie, so the question really is…are you gonna have your last meal or your last bang?

T:If you could acquire a super power what would it be and why?

B: To have all the powers, to be a giant rubber ball with powers. I’m a bouncy ball of magic.

T: In honor of 90’s children’s shows (laced with subliminal messages) let’s have you choose between being a Teletubby or the cast of Barney.

B: If I was a part of the barnie cast I’d be one of the kids and barnie would a pedaphile. If I was a Teletubby I’d be Po and have a vacuum suck me off. I’d beat up on tinky winky.

T: Let’s gender bend. You have to go outside in drag for a day. Who do you impersonate.

B: Ellie Goulding…she’s the only person who popped into my mind.

T: I used to be a fan of “Fear Factor”. For a $1 million would you eat raw horse balls or an entire tub of spoiled mayonnaise.

B: lets go with the balls.

T: Since you’re a regular customer here I’m going to assume that you like this place. If you could suggest one night out of the week for potential customers to come here what night would it be?

B: Thursday night because it’s poetry night.