Bob’s Bar with Paul |Columbus Ohio

Walking in to Bob’s Bar one gets the feeling of a well established institution that people like to keep to themselves. Dozens of microcosms (groups of patrons) happily going about their business, comfy in their own universes, happy just being. 

80’s Megadeth, 90’s Faith No More our any other metal blasting through the impressive sound system adds to the charm of the place.


Above:  Find this random poster when you visit Bob’s Bar.  Find out where I was sitting when I came here.  Sit down at my seat and enjoy a beer! – Daclaud

All the aforementioned groups, although completely content being separate from one another, had one thing in common. Love for the bartender. He was like family to every group and individual there. It was like nothing I’ve yet seen. Big dude. But so easy going. So knowledgeable about what everyone wanted no meter how busy he was…

He was sooooo slammed (busy) that I thought I’d never have a chance for an interview. Daclaud convinced me to go ahead and try. I mean, at first we were found to be content with just randomly reviewing the place. But I really wanted to see what’s up with this guy who has so much love from everyone… I know he’s super busy. I know we might get only a couple of questions in. I have to interview this super cool guy! He comes up to us.

P – Hey guys! What are ya having?

LV – What do you recommend?

P – Help me out. What do you like?

LV – Everything. I’m easy. High alcohol content works with me. I like stouts, porters, whatever…

DL – Got pumpkin beer?

P – None yet. Keeping it closer to the season.

DL – Then a pilsner?

P –  Got it. Scrimshaw. Trust me.  (To me)
How about Dragon’s Milk? (I give him the thumbs up)


Above:  Scrimshaw beer; I was in the mood for something light and easy, so I chose a Pilsner.  This had to be one of the better Pilsners out there. Daclaud

Best beer I’ve ever tasted! So after giving him the lowdown about who we are and finding out that his name’s Paul…

LV – How long have you worked here?

P – Jesus! About 11 1/2 years?

LV – Own the place?

P – Naaaahhh. Just an old drunk guy who bartends. I used to work 9 to 5 at AT&T, with this place on the side, till AT&T closed. Then I thought: Why not do this full time?

LV – I’m noticing the repoir here. What’s your favorite thing about your customers?

P – Have to be honest. We get a lot of regulars. Functional alcoholics. Not beginners. We’re just lucky. We got the best customers in the world!

That was all we could get with Paul. He really was slammed. But the guy next to us, Joe, told us a thing or two.


Above:  Yeah, I know the photo is out of focus… my bad! – Daclaud

LV – How long have you come here?

J – I come here like every two months. I don’t know how but he always remembers me and knows what I like. Just the coolest guy ever. And I like the place. Not rowdy like across the street. Just laid back and chill.

Paul actually posed for a pic for our site and took a random pic himself. I had to take one as well. Find them if you can!


Above: Look for the Buffalo when you get there!

If I were a travel guide I would certainly bring my guests to Bob’s Bar, to meet Paul,  just so they can see what living cool looks like!

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