Fun and Games at Canal Street Arcade and Deli

Gaming at Canal Street Arcade and Deli

The Amazing Canal Street Arcade and Deli!

What can we say about the amazingness of the Canal Street Arcade & Deli that the pics and video don’t already say? Well the first thing we, myself (Lord Veil) and Daclaud Lee at Random Interviews will say is a heartfelt THANK YOU to the manager for hosting us on our trial video run. “The man,” Mr Landon McKibbon, is a perfect gentleman. We at Random Interviews highly recommend that our followers check out this ultra cool Barcade and shoot whiskey with him. But let Landon choose. Mr McKibbon knows his booze! We plan to return once our professional video equipment arrives and perform the official inaugural Random Vlog

Retro Arcade Bar in Dayton, Ohio

The second thing I’ll add is even though the place’s theme is retro arcade games and fine deli meats the clientele makes the establishment feel like the most modern and happening place on the planet. It’s the kind of haunt you’re just slightly cooler for knowing about. By comparison, before we landed at Canal Street Arcade and Deli, by a brilliant recommendation from a lovely gentleman at the Mudlick Taphouse, we were a few blocks down at another whiskey slinging establishment. This (other) place was SO uncool that I’ll not bother giving the name. It was as if everyone there thought they owned the planet and we simply were not welcome. So we left to find another, more welcoming, establishment. Thank the whiskey gods above that we did!

Over 500 Old School Games at Canal Street Arcade and Deli, Dayton, OH!

What’s not shown in the low grade video we shot is how much fun Daclaud and I actually had off camera! I believe I played a tenth of the arcade games there. Mr D is far too cool for such things but as you can tell by the enthusiasm in his voice on the night he definitely enjoyed himself. Before I close this short write-up I’ll offer a quick review.

Our Review of Canal Street Arcade and Deli (Dayton, Ohio)

The Canal Street Arcade and Deli is kid friendly until 3:PM. Then it’s adults only. You’ll feel right at home whether you’re a first timer or a long timer. All games except pinball are free. The atmosphere is comfy and you’re welcomed right as you walk in!
(It should be noted that we showed up on a slow night. Don’t be upset if they’re too busy to welcome you on a busy one)

Random Interview with the Manager (Canal Street Arcade and Deli)

My one question interview with Mr Landon McKibbon. Manager/Let’s Collective superstar:

Q: “Of all the games/drinks in this place which one would you say every first time customer has to try?

A: “Tempest and whiskey! Tempest draws people in for the nostalgia, definitely.”

So there you have it! You’re now properly geared to check out the Canal Street Arcade and Deli! Now I’ll be honest and add that if they ever get Paperboy I’ll be a lifer at this place!


Where is Canal Street Arcade and Deli?

Canal Street Arcade and Deli
308 E 1st St, Dayton, OH 45402

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