Carnage lives up to his name in MCoC's new event quest.
Profile photo of the red and black symbiote bonded mass murderer known as Carnage, taken from the Heroic level of the new Marvel Contest of Champions event quest.



If you remember one of the greatest Marvel crossover events of all time, Spiderman: MAXIMUM CARNAGE!!, then you know all too well the homicidal rage convicted murderer Cletus Kassidy, aka: the red symbiote bonded mass-murdering super villain known as CARNAGE, is capable of!

This MCoC storyline comes equipped with specific heroes trying to stop the irradiated Klyntar symbiote bonded crimson menace, Carnage. But these champions must contend with the self righteous time travelling mercinary, Punisher 2099, who is set out to kill Carnage rather than bring him to justice. Those heroes include CIVIL WARRIOR, WINTER SOLDIER & FALCON.

Civil Warrior hunts the psychotic mass murderer known as Carnage in order to capture him and bring him to justice. Punisher 2099 has travelled back in time to thwart Civil Warrior's efforts, instead intending to kill Carnage for his crimes.
Civil Warrior raises his powered red white and blue shield in victory.



Winter Soldier is tasked to aid Civil Warrior in apprehending Carnage
Winter Soldier stands in a victory pose.


Falcon will aid Civil Warrior in the capture of Carnage
Falcon stands ready to aid Civil Warrior and Winter Soldier in their quest to capture the red symbiote bonded mass murderer known as Carnage.


As a summoner, Civil Warrior is enlisting you to help him in his efforts. The Contest has also issued fair warning about this new MCoC threat. And as a means of leveling the playing field, Marvel Contest of Champions [MCoC] has upgraded Civil Warrior in order that he be better equipped to handle this new challenge.


Marvel Contest of Champions gives fair, if not cryptic, warning about Carnage entering the battle realm.

Carnage’s Level 1 and  Level 2 attacks may boarder on unevadable. And he might be one of  the quickest attackers in the game. But he can be beaten! Easily, if you know what you’re doing. As a level 60 summoner [Veilator] I can impart how I easily and repeatedly beat him. Other, more experienced, players will offer different advice, but here’s mine.


RUUUNNNN!!! Don’t fight him! YOU’LL DIIIIEEEEEE!!!!!


Okay, I’m kidding. The way to beat Carnage is to pay attention to his power meter. Watch him. He’s easily stunned if you’re running with the PARRY Mastery. So just stun and hit him 5 times, then back off and wait to see what he’ll do. If his power meter hasnt reached GREEN yet then he’ll come after you. His regular and heavy attacks can be easily evaded, especially if you’re running with the DEXTERITY mastery. Then you can do a quick block to stun and attack him again; or you can simply hit him 5 more times if you’re quick enough to get in there after evading his heavy attack.


Guillotine battles Carnage
Guillotine faces off against Carnage in Marvel Contest of Champions


His level 1 attack will come sooner or later unless he holds out for his level 2 attack. Some more experienced players will say that these are evadable. However, I can tell you from experience that they’re completely blockable. Just hold the block from beginning to end of his GREEN [lvl 1] or YELLOW [lvl 2] attacks, then strike him 5 more times. This can be repeated until his defeat. ALWAYS try to bait him into using one of these two attacks since his level 3 attack [RED] is both devastating and unblockable.


If you don’t know what “baiting” is: Baiting an attack is simply staying back away from the enemy when a GREEN or YELLOW attack indicator is present. Your champion will automatically move forward at interval. You must then “bait” the attack by dashing backward until the enemy has no choice but to use their special attack to try to reach you. You can then block or evade this special attack and proceed to WHUP CARNAGE’S BUTT!!! Example:


Carnage is TOAST!
After taking only a single hit Guillotine defeats Carnage

So now that you’ve been warned and prepared, go forth and help Civil Warrior in his quest to stop Punisher 2099 and capture Carnage!


By Lord Veil [aka: Veilator]


Carnage stands ready to attack!
Cletus Kassidy, aka: Carnage, stands ready to kill everyone in the Marvel Contest of Champions universe!



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