Gallo’s Tap Room with La Chica Loca

Interview # Trois (3) with La Chica Loca at Gallo’s Tap Room on Bethel Road, Columbus Ohio.

So we started out with a very strong IPA called Stone Ruin Ten for $7.00. Totally worth it. We’re at Gallos on Bethel Rd. The first thing I notice is how clean, open and inviting the place is. There’s a ton of beers on tap, all with new wooden handles that seem to have replaceable lables. Presumably for easy rotation of types of beers sold. All the bartenders seem busy. We, Lord Veil, Daclaud L and Deepak B, veered to the less busy left side of the bar. This is when we found the absolutely wonderful Katie behind the bar. This raven haired and friendly chica has an easy way about her and greats us gregariously. After we ordered our beers, and gave her the scoop* she was totally down to be interviewed. (*see disclaimer) As always, we started out with light questions.

Lord Veil – What do you like about Gallo’s?

Katie –The family. They’re great. Working with one of them now. They treat me really well and the place is awesome.

LV –Is this the only place they own? K–No. They also got Gallo’s Kitchen in upper Arlington.

LV and Daclaud Lee –Nice place! Good drinks.

LV –Favorite drink? K –Vodka and water. No need to sass it up. Keep it simple.

DL –No burbon? That’s the “thing”right now.

K –Not a hipster, I guess. (laughing) I think I missed the train on that one! (laughing)

LV – How long you been here?

K –Like five years in October. I like it.

LV –Ready for some serious questions?

K –Hit me.

LV – Aliens invade and tell you you have to amaze them or humanity dies. What do you show them?

K –I’m going with humanity’s dying. (laughing) Noooo. I’d probably make them watch Frozen with me so we can all have a sing a long! There’s some great songs in there!

LV –Here’s my camera. Take a random pic of anything in the bar. Gallos-tap-room-1 Above:  This is what La Chica Loca chose: a statuette of a Bison?  I didn’t know we were at Ted’s Montana Grill…  But it’s interesting enough!  Let’s see if you can find this hidden item at Gallo’s Tap Room on Bethel Rd. – Daclaud Lee

LV –Zombies attack! Weapon of choice?

K –(with great enthusiasm) A GIANT Samurai sword! Maybe two fused to my hands like Deadpool in X-Men Origins! I love comic book movies.

LV –Which comic characters would you marry?

K –Does it have to be just one?

LV –Of course not!

K –Then, Iron Man. Especially since he’d probably let me borrow one of the suits once in a while. And Wolverine and Thor! I was going to pick Professor X just because he’s so badass but it’d be weird having him all in my head al the time. Is it weird that I would totally marry Bumblebee? He’s so adorable. I just want him. The Transformers movies are like my jam.

LV –Marry, fuck or kill. Dark Phoenix, Rorshach or Optimus Prime ?

K –I’d marry Optimus. He’s like a badass. He defends the universe! I’d fuck Phoenix. That would be fun. I soooo want to do her. Like all day. I’d kill Rorshach. He’s just creepy. Ew… I actually hated the Watchmen movie.

LV –Captain Kirk. Young Han Solo or Anakin Skywalker?

K –Now you’re speakin’ mah language! Marry Han Solo. He just seems really handy. Fuck Anakin and kill Kirk. I hate Star Trek. I’m a huge Star Wars fan. So excited about the new movies.

LV – [resists urge to show off Star Trek tattooes and administer Vulcan death grip] Oh, I am too! I can’t wait to see what they do with it!

DL –Ya, but now they’re owned by Disney! It’s not gonna be the same!

K –But they got the dude! J…. ummmm… He’s… You know who I’m talking about?

LV –J.J. Abbrams.

K –Ya! J.J. Abrams! It’s gonna be awesome!

DL –Mayyyyybe… I’ll give it a try

LV – Okay. Last question: you’re a Mexican Luchadore Wrestler. -What’s your name? Do you fight dirty? And would you battle The Rock?

K – YES!!!! AWESOME!!! (very excited!) I’m totally a midget Luchadore who definitely fights dirty! Would I battle The Rock? HELL NO! He’s my tag team partner! And my name’s LA CHICA LOCA!!!

Daclaud Lee

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