Interview with a Werewolf

Like an animal, he will hunt you down and eat you alive. Did I mention, he also has super human strength and speed? Random Interviews Halloween edition reveals secrets the werewolf who is a beast among us.

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Daclaud Lee: Welcome to Random Interviews. Today’s guest is a werewolf. My first questions is, when you are not in wolf form, what do you do for your day job?

Werewolf: I work in banking. I won’t say which bank because no one is supposed to know I’m a werewolf.

DL: Fair enough. I will not ask you any further questions about your day job. Do werewolves only shape shift when there is a full moon?

WW: This is actually false. A werewolf can change form whenever we want…  (The werewolf pauses for a moment) Although there are circumstances where we can be forced to shape change; such instances would be an occurrence of a blood moon.  There is also a legend of certain Alpha werewolves being able to control a normal werewolf, but I have never met this particular Alpha.

DL: Are werewolves immortal?

WW: No we are not immortal, but cannot be killed by normal means. We age as a normal human ages; however, there is a legend about a werewolf that has lived for over one thousand years. No one I know has met this werewolf, so it is almost impossible to verify as Bigfoot is.

DL: Is it true that only a silver bullet can kill a werewolf?

WW: In a way this is not true, but you’re just going to have to figure that out yourself. A werewolf can however, kill another werewolf without the aid of weapons.


Above: A vampire from the Underworld movie has a silver bladed sword to combat a werewolf.

DL: Are there certain characteristics that help people identify a werewolf? Back in the old days, they used to document evidence of werewolves having an index finger longer than a middle finger or eyebrows that connect; eyes that glow in the dark, a fear of water, and even being born on Christmas Eve.  Are any of these true?

WW: (Laughs out loud and shows me his hands) Obviously, my fingers are more or less like anyone else’s, and while I do have a little hair in between, I would hardly say my eyebrows connect. I may not shower as often as most people, but I don’t have a fear of water, although a werewolf who never learned how to swim might have that fear. I also was not born on Christmas Eve, but I’m sure every werewolf has a one in 365 chance of being born on Christmas Eve.


Above: These werewolf hunters from the movie Werewolf: The Beast Among Us are armed with weapons to kill werewolves.

DL: What about the eyes that glow in the dark?

WW: Okay, you kind of got me! My eyes do appear that way, but only when I’m in wolf form. If you want a scientific answer it’s a layer of tissue called tapetum lucidum that allows predatory animals to see in low light. This only happens when I’m in wolf form and not when I’m in human form.

DL: Are werewolves born as werewolves or can a werewolf be created accidentally through a bite after a werewolf attack?

WW: Oh, please Daclaud! No werewolf was ever created by accident! We can turn someone into a werewolf, but many of us are born with as werewolves. You may be able to survive a normal wolf bite, but the bite of a werewolf has more than 10 times the PSI of a normal wolf. We’re talking over 4000 pounds of pressure. Some werewolves are so powerful they can even bite with the force greater than a salt water crocodile at 10000 pounds of pressure. You would literally be missing an arm. Werewolves are not as weak as they are depicted in the old black and white movies.


Above: Werewolves are not like what they were originally depicted as.

A werewolf  is also much faster than humans and our supernatural speed can reach speeds as fast as a car on the freeway. There are some Alpha werewolves who can run at twice the speed of a Cheetah, as fast as 150mph (in short bursts).  I can personally reach a speed of 100 mph myself (in short bursts), which is faster than you can legally drive on the freeway. I will catch any human who tries to run from me.

DL: Do you think you can beat a vampire in a fight?

WW: (Aggressively) Is that even a question? Of course I can beat a vampire in a fight! We posses superior strength!


Above: A werewolf has a vampire by the throat in the Van Helsing movie.

DL: What about a flesh golem? Like Victor Frankenstein’s monster?

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WW: The monster I respect. He has the strength of 10 werewolves, but our Alpha could is still stronger and would rip the monster to shreds if the two were to fight.

DL: It’s almost Halloween and people are dying for some scary movie suggestions. What are your top 5 werewolf movie suggestions?

WW: (Chuckles) I hate werewolf movies because they never portray us accurately, but if I had to pick, it would be a few a saw on Netflix.

  1. Werewolf: A Beast Among Us, 2012
  2. Underworld, 2000 – not technically a werewolf movie, but I love it when the werewolves kill vampires!
  3. The Wolfman, 2010
  4. Ginger Snaps, 2000
  5. Van Helsing, 2004 – not technically a werewolf movie either, but it was awesome because a werewolf beats the crap out of Dracula!

DL: People are curious and I don’t want to generalize what werewolves listen to, but what kind of music do you listen to? What are your top 5 song picks?

WW: Personally I like pop music. I’ve always been a real party guy, you know, I’m always at the clubs and stuff like that! Some werewolves like hip hop, some classical, others jazz. We have tastes just as humans do. Here are my top picks.

  1. Maroon 5 – Animals – just because I’ve got the beast inside!
  2. Major Lazer – Lean On
  3. Nick Jonas – Jealous (I know he’s a Jonas fag, but I really dig this song)
  4. Shut up and Dance – Walk the Moon (this one is great with the ladies!)
  5. The Weekend – Can’t Feel My Face

DL: Most people would assume that you would all be into the same things since you’re all a part of the werewolf community. How does this clash of culture, tastes and interests, work out in the werewolf community?

WW: Just like a work place environment, you have people from all walks of life. In a wolf pack, we have our Alphas (managers), Betas (workers) and Omegas (specialists). Just like a corporation can be run with employees representing all cultures and backgrounds, a wolf pack works much like a corporate hierarchy. People know their roles based on the leadership of the Alpha werewolf. How we behave outside of work; or rather outside of the werewolf pack is as unique as any individual.


Above: This werewolf is definitely a party guy!

DL: Any final words or closing statements?

WW: Speaking of going out to the clubs, it’s almost the weI’m on the prowl tonight! I’ll hunt you down and eat you alive, just like that Maroon 5 song! HOoooooowwwwwwwl!

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