Interview with an Introvert (The ISTJ)

If a crowded party ever felt like being trapped in a torturous prison cell, where you were just anticipating to leave as soon as possible, then you might be an introvert too. There are many types of introverts and not all of them are the same. Today we take a look at what it’s like to be an ISTJ type.

Daclaud Lee: Welcome to Random Interviews. Tonight’s guest is an Introvert. So based on the Myers Briggs Test, what kind of introvert are you?

Introvert: I’m an ISTJ, which means introversion, sensing, thinking, judgment. You can actually find out more about the Myers Briggs Test by taking it yourself.

DL: Many people consider introverts to be shy people. Are you a shy person?

I: I am actually not a shy person. I rather enjoy talking to people, but I only find myself being able to talk to certain people who have similar interests or tastes. I assume many people might perceive me as being shy for not talking to them, but the truth is, we probably have so little in common, there is really nothing to talk about. Personally, I dislike small talk and even though I could fake it for a few minutes it always makes me feel uncomfortable to make small talk. Instead, I prefer deep, intellectual (or silly) conversations about the things that I enjoy.

DL: Do you like to go out in public?

I: Sometimes; although I am typically not fond of crowds. I don’t really do well at festivals, but I do tend to enjoy nightclubs, because I like to dance. Surprisingly, alcohol makes me more sociable, but when I’m sober, it makes me want to leave because I hate being around large amounts of people. I actually don’t mind going out to restaurants and bars as long as there aren’t that many people.

DL: As an introvert, do you work well in a group or team environment?

I: To be honest, I don’t think I’m really good at working with in a team environment. I’ve never really liked team sports nor was I really good at them. It seems to me that most group environments tend to adapt a wolf pack mentality, and I could never see myself as a part of this. I tend to not like people who think they are Alphas and I would never be a Beta. I’m more like an Omega wolf. I suppose I would be useful to the pack in my own way, but only if it was my way.

DL: It is a common belief that most introverts are weird. Do you think you are weird?

I: Some people may think I’m weird. I won’t deny it, but personally I don’t really know. I think I’m pretty unique and I know that I value individuality. If that makes me weird, then I guess I’m “weird”.

DL: I’ve had people tell me that introverts can be rude. What do you think of this?

I: Working with customers can be a challenge. Customers have told me how they thought I was rude, but the truth is, it’s all just their perception. Since I’m not able to make small talk, they somehow believe I’m being rude to them. I’m actually just a really direct person. I don’t know how to sugar coat things and I probably never will master that art form, because I always think I’m being dishonest.

DL: Do you believe what they say about how introverts don’t know how to have fun?

I: I completely disagree. I have fun all the time! I mean video games are fun, so is painting miniatures, watching movies and doing other solitary activities. (Laughs) But seriously, every now and then I have the urge to go out to a bar with a friend. I like to go out on dates with my significant other too. My perception of “fun” does not involve a lot of people.

DL: As an introvert, do you believe you can train yourself to become an extrovert?

I: Can I somehow train myself to become an extrovert? No. An introvert can never truly enjoy the things that extroverts enjoy, but I can certainly fake it until I get burned out. Years of customer service have turned me into a faux-extrovert, but this persona is merely adapted for pure survival. If it’s customer service or unemployment, then I have no choice but to take customer service. Personally, I think almost anyone can be trained to act or become someone they are not. It may be difficult, but not impossible.

DL: You know? That last statement almost made you sound like a sociopath. Do you believe you could actually be a sociopath?

I: Quite possibly. I took a Personality Defect Test on OKCupid and I actually got the Sociopath. It’s kind of like a “raw” version of Myers Briggs Test.

DL: Any closing statements or thoughts about what it’s like being an introvert for you?

I: My alone time is very precious to me. I may seem aloof or anti-social, but (laughs) maybe that’s because I am? Time is very precious to me and when I’m on my own, lost in thought and just working on my personal hobbies, time just seems to fly! My friends who are extroverts just don’t seem to understand, how much I value alone time. It doesn’t mean I don’t like you if I don’t want to hang out that day, it’s just that I may be too burned out with people or I need to work on my personal things.

DL: Thanks for the interview! It’s always good to get the other side’s perspective.

I: Thank you for having me.

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