Interview with the Coffee Addict

Many people start their day with with a nice hot cup of coffee in the morning in order to get a kick start on their day. The Coffee Addict tells us the story of addiction, happiness, a love for coffee and the need for caffeine.

Kona Coffee

Daclaud Lee (DL): Welcome to Random Interviews! My guest tonight is the Coffee Addict. So, let’s start out with a question about coffee. What is your favorite brand?

The Coffee Addict (TCA): I wouldn’t say I have a favorite. I’ll drink any type of coffee. I’m not picky. As long as it’s coffee!

DL: How do you prefer your coffee? Do you use any flavored creamer?

TCA: I generally drink my coffee black. I’ve gotten used to the bitter flavor of most coffees, but there sometimes I might be in the mood to add creamer when I’m not in the mood for a bitter taste. I never use sugar or artificial sweetener, although I used to. Sweetener doesn’t work well with keeping a trim waistline!

Beethoven and his coffee

DL: I’m not one to assume, so I’ll ask. Do you go to coffee shops a lot?

TCA: No, not really. I mean rarely. I prefer to make coffee myself. Coffee shops can be a great place to take a date or even a co-worker or classmate to work on projects with. I always go for the unlimited house brew of course! The cheapest option works for me!

DL: So I’m guessing you don’t really care much for Starbucks then?

TCA: Not at all! It’s too expensive, although I will buy their retail coffee at the grocery store to make my cold brew. Starbucks coffee is great for cold brewing!

DL: What’s cold brew? And how do you make it?

TCA: I’m glad you asked! Cold brew is basically coffee made with water in room temperature. It tastes less bitter than coffee brewed with boiling water, so you get a more “chocolaty” flavor, the flavor of the natural coffee beans. There is less caffeine than hot coffee, but it tastes better in my opinion. Here’s the way I do cold brew coffee:

Two Regular Coffee Filters + a Stapler 

8 Tablespoons of Any type of Ground Coffee per filter

1 Gallon of SpringWater

1 Mason Jar (1 Gallon capacity)

Let it steep for 12 –¬†24 hours and it will be ready to drink!

cold brewed coffee in mason jar

Above: Finished Cold Brew – Fill up the coffee filters with any type of ground coffee and staple the filters shut, so the ground coffee does not get into the water. Toss in mason jar. Add the spring water and wait 24 hours. Place the mason jar in your refrigerator for cold coffee.

DL: How many cups of coffee do you drink a day?

TCA: Cups? I honestly lose count throughout the day.

DL: What about a rough estimate?

TCA: Ummm… I honestly don’t know (starts to finger count), maybe two or three pots? That’s assuming I’m the one making the coffee and it’s a standard coffee pot. I keep a Big Bubba 52 oz cup at my desk so I don’t have to get up for coffee that often.

Above: You can get the Big Bubba 52 oz cup on at a reasonable price!

DL: Why do you feel the need to drink so much coffee?

TCA: Coffee makes me happy and more productive. When I’m pumped full of caffeine, I don’t seem to get depressed as easily and I’m just on hyper drive. I work faster and my accuracy increases because I’m more alert.

caffeine isn't a drug

DL: Do you think your health could be effected by drinking so much coffee?

TCA: I’m sure the caffeine is not good for my heart rate, but whenever I’m feeling blue, I will just drink coffee and I’m suddenly happy. I’ve read somewhere that coffee is actually an anti-cancer preventative, but I’m not doctor, so I can’t say if it’s true.

DL: Are you worried that your coffee addiction could cause cardiovascular problems?

TCA: Yes, but happiness and productivity are the unfortunate necessities of work and life. If I didn’t have to work, then I probably wouldn’t have to drink as much coffee as I do. I’ve been taking B Vitamins as an alternative and it seems to be increasing my mood positively.

DL: Any closing statements or thoughts about coffee?

TCA: Mmmm… Coffee! Drool! Right now I’m just thinking about my next cup tomorrow!

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