Interview with The Noble Knight (Modern Chivalry)

They say chivalry is long dead, but The Noble Knight disagrees. We learn more about the knight in shining armor’s way of life in today’s age of technology, internet and social media and his views on modern day chivalry.

Daclaud Lee: In this day and age, the concept of chivalry is all but an ancient art. How can you champion the idea that Chivalry is still alive today?

Noble Knight: It’s very simple Daclaud, the days of the douche bags died out with the last episode of Jersey Shore. The Pauly D look is just not as appealing as a sophisticated man in a nice suit and tie. And the assholes of the world will never get the girl for more than one night. That old PUA strategy of cocky funny died out when David DeAngelo’s hair started turning gray. In this day and age Chivalry is very much alive and is constantly evolving!

DL: Tell me more about your views on modern day Chivalry for real life situations?

NK: The most basic form of modern day chivalry is to hold the door open for everyone, not just women. It demonstrates modern day chivalry on the smallest of levels. If you are on a bus, you can always offer your seat to anyone appearing elderly.

Most of us have smart phones and they can be quite addictive. The chivalrous man will stop checking his phone when he’s with company. Those Facebook posts, that fantasy football score and your social RPG game can wait. Especially when you’re on a date, with friends, acquaintances or guests. It’s considered rude and it makes you come across as uninterested and even boorish.

It is however, okay to respond to text messages from family members as long as they are important. If your mother is checking in, it is only right to tell her where you are.

DL: What about the knightly act of defending the weak?

NK: A chivalrous man will always step in when another is in need of help or is being bullied, but you should never put yourself in situations that would get you in trouble with the law. If you see a lady in distress, then you should come to her aid if she clearly looks like she needs it. For example, if she is being harassed by a stranger in public, then you should politely step in and ask the creeper to back off. If things persists, then be sure to call the local authorities. Be smart about it and unless your life or the lives of others depend on it, never take the law into your own hands.

DL: What about online etiquette?

NK: Please understand that a person’s actions online reflect his individual character just as much as his actions offline. There are several things a person should never do online.

1. Never aggressively stalk a woman you are interested in online. You do not want to be that guy “liking” all of her birthday photos she posted on Facebook back in 2009. Nor do you want to be that creepy guy who tells how how good she looked in that outfit she went to the club in on her Instagram posted last weekend. Cyber stalking is NOT okay guys and a chivalrous man does not do this. You don’t want to come across as a creeper, now do you?

2. Never shame your friends or even strangers on social media. We all know someone or may even have that friend that likes to get sh*t faced drunk at every party, but you have to realize that that person is your friend and his or her reputation is as stake. It is never cool to post photos on social media of a friend with marker covering their face in an attempt to shame them when they were black out drunk. A dastardly rogue or trickster might resort this type of behavior, but a chivalrous man will never do this.

3. Never participate in offensive discussions. While you have the right to your opinion, telling everyone online that you hate members of a certain ethnic group or religion will not win you any awards for chivalry.

DL: What is your opinion with Chivalry in regards to dating?

NK: The first rule to Chivalry in regards to dating is to avoid games. You want to avoid the “player” mentality of treating everything like a game. If you are interested in someone, then let your intentions be known. Be confident and don’t beat around the bush. Call when you say you’ll call.

Don’t flirt with other women. Only pirates, rogues and swashbucklers will do this. It’s natural for a man to look at an attractive woman, it’s not okay to stare. There is no need to make your woman feel inferior. Make her feel secure about her relationship with you. Be generous but sincere with your compliments; only a dastardly rogue or womanizer will tell her lies.

And lastly, make sure the lady gets home safely. If her car is parked within dungeon-like garage or ominous looking parking lot, then it is up to you to make sure she makes it to her car safely.

DL: What about offering your jacket?

NK: A chivalrous man will always offer anyone a lady his jacket if she is cold just the same as he would also offer his best friend his jacket if he was cold. Not saying you should offer your jacket to random strangers who would never return it, no, that would be foolish.

DL: Any closing words or thoughts?

NK: A chivalrous man will always respect the opinion of his lady and show respect to everyone. Always tip your server and treat them kindly. Never dismiss the homeless person as anything less than human. Always say hello back to the Walmart greeter, it may be their job to say hello to you, but imagine how many people are quick to dismiss them. Never complain about trivial things, you do not want to be perceived as a male diva, that role is reserved for roguish bards. Always say thank someone for any type of service or favor done. Speak less and listen more. All of these can be interpreted as acts of modern chivalry.

Daclaud Lee

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