Interview with The Pool Hustler

Pool is a very mental and strategic game and The Pool Hustler is an expert at the game. He’s good at what he does and he will take your money like a smooth operator or you end up having to buy all of his drinks at the end of the night. We met up with him at Black Hat Bar off of Sawmill Rd. for a random interview.

Daclaud Lee: Welcome to Random Interviews. This evening’s guest is the Pool Hustler. I have to ask, what’s your secret to this game? (We are playing a game of pool)

The Pool Hustler: Alcohol? The more I drink the better I shoot! No, seriously, there is no secret, (he makes a shot and sinks a solid ball in) you just have to be good. First you learn the game (takes another shot and sinks a ball in), I mean not just how to shoot, but all angles, basic geometry, all the moves and all the strategies. Then you practice (he winds up and takes another shot and sinks it in). Then you practice some more. And when you’re ready (he makes an impressive shot again).

the pool hustler from columbus ohio

This Pool Hustler is a bit like Manan Chandra, but better!

Then you hustle. In order to hustle, you have to be able to play at your opponent’s level. Give him some boost in confidence. You make it look like he’s winning, that he’s the man and you’re just slightly below his skill level. Then you double or nothing and beat him when it counts! (Laughs out loud). (He sinks in all of his balls and the black ball; I did not even get my turn).

DL: F*ck man… And I thought you were going to go easy on me… You didn’t even give me a chance after the break!

TPH: First time for everything. I actually never done it like that before. So next round is on you?

DL: Okay… A deal is a deal. So what’s your favorite drink by the way?

TPH: Next round, Moscow Mule. But I also like a good Johnny Walker Black on the rocks with a splash of water. I’m not much of a beer guy.

DL: So in your opinion, what was my skill level at pool?

TPH: Sorry man, but I’d say a four (out of ten). There are some really crazy players out there, and sorry to tell you, but you probably couldn’t compete with any of them.

DL: How do you identify a pool hustler? How will I know I’m up against one?

TPH: They’re the ones always playing pool! Other than that, you can’t really identify them. For the most part, the loud mouth ones who are direct about it only “think” they are pool hustlers; those guys may be better than the average Joe and they could probably beat most normal people, but they are not really in the league of a hustler. The loud mouths are usually just nothing but “straight shooters” and are very predictable.

DL: What is a straight shooter?

TPH: A straight shooter is just a guy with really good aim. He can knock any ball into any pocket as long as it’s in a straight line. Those types of guys are generally never good with trickier shots where you have to use your imagination. Those guys are not hustlers, but they are always willing to play for money and they could probably beat a normal person who is inexperienced at pool.


If they look like these guys and they’re spitting too much “game”, then they are probably not real pool hustlers, so don’t worry. These guys got no game! They are however, easy targets for a real pool hustler!

A real hustler, knows how to game a person and I LOVE hustling douche bags! A real hustler is not usually a cocky dude or if he is, he just doesn’t show it. Believe me, if someone is intimidated by you, then they probably won’t play you for money, so you can’t go in like a peacock. A good hustler may offer to play you for beer or shots; a friendly game to get to know you. He will also most likely let you win the first couple of times or even several times if that’s what it takes to boost your confidence. He wants to make you cocky and will give you the feeling of a winner. Once he has you on the hook, he will offer to play you for money.

DL: Have you ever been reverse hustled by another pool hustler before?

TPH: Oh yeah. It happened to me once. I know I’m good, but I’m not the best. It’s the same scenario when the predator turns into the prey. I usually get a good laugh out of it and it makes for a better conversation after the game.

DL: So there are usually no hard feelings?

TPH: Oh heck no! Even if I’m out a hundred bucks, I still learned something and I actually found a worthy opponent to beat next time!

DL: What do you think about guys who shoot like this?

fancy reverse shot pool hustler

Do not do this guys! This move is so 90’s and it makes you look silly!

TPH: I saw you doing that! Honestly, I always laugh at them! Sorry man, but I was laughing at you when you did it. I mean seriously, it’s all for show and it’s kind of pointless. Just shoot with your other hand!

DL: I’ve noticed that most pool sharks are male. Have you ever met a female pool shark?

TPH: To be honest, no. Since I’m being interviewed, I don’t want to come across as sexist. I’m not saying that women are not good, but their boobs do get in the way! I’ve just never played one here in Columbus Ohio that was much of a challenge. I think a woman would be great at it, since a guy probably wouldn’t mind losing to her!

female pool player with boobs

To be honest, I’m only staring at two things right now on Shanelle Loraine

DL: Any final words or a closing statement that you’d like to make?

TPH: Where can I find a girl with boobs like that?

DL: Anywhere? You might want to ask The Pick Up Artist about that.

Daclaud Lee

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