Interview with the Pumpkin King

As Fall fires burn beneath black, twisted boughs and the orange leaves blow across your house. The Pumpkins will grin in their despair, for the Pumpkin King is drawing near!

Daclaud Lee: Welcome to Random Interviews! Tonight’s guest is The Pumpkin King! All hail The Pumpkin King! How do you do sir?

The Pumpkin King: Tis the third day of Fall and I am feeling more than well!

DL: Fall has always been my favorite season of the year. So when is the best time to plant pumpkin seeds in Ohio?

TPK: The best time to plant pumpkin seeds is after the last frost, which is around April or May. In order to grow the largest pumpkins I would recommend planting them indoors in April and then moving them outdoors in May or June. The best time to harvest pumpkins would be October 1.

pumpkin patch for fall

Above: A beautiful pumpkin patch fit for the Pumpkin King! Right on time for Fall harvest!

DL:  I will definitely keep this in mind for my pumpkin patch next year! I am a huge fan of pumpkin flavored anything. Do you have any tips on baking pumpkin pie?

TPK: This is the best and most simple pumpkin pie recipe I have ever come across. It is made from real mashed pumpkin (although the pumpkin filling sold in the can works as well).

1 Pie Crust (store bought)

2 Cups Mashed Pumpkin

12 oz evaporated milk

1 tablespoon condensed sweet milk

2 Eggs, beaten

3/4 cups brown sugar

1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon

1/2 teaspoon nutmeg

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/2 teaspoon ground ginger

Mix the pumpkin pie filling in a mixing bowl

Preheat oven to 400 degrees F or 200 degrees C

Bake for 40 minutes

Top with whipped cream

home made pumpkin pie

Above: The Pumpkin King’s Home made Pumpkin Pie that even you can bake!

DL: Pumpkin beer is the only beer I enjoy drinking. What kind of pumpkin beer would you recommend this year? What are your top 5 picks?

TPK: This is a difficult choice, Daclaud, but if I had to choose:

1. Pumking, Southern Tier – this is a very potent beer with a sweet scent of vanilla. It is commonly served in a snifter beer glass with a brown sugar rim.

2. Pumpkinhead, The Shipyard Brewing Company – this is a very average tasting pumpkin beer, but it tops my list as one of my favorites. 

3. Ichabod, New Holland Brewing – this is a very malty with a creamy pumpkin pie taste.

4. Saranac Pumpkin Ale, Matt Brewing Company – this tasted very malty and spiced, like nutmeg and ginger. A slightly bitter beer, but good.

5. Imperial Pumpkin Ale, Weyerbacher Brewing Company – another potent beer that has a taste of pumpkin spice with a slight bitter after taste.

pumking beer

Above: Pumking is definitely my favorite pumpkin beer, hands down to the Pumpkin King’s recommendation!

DL: Any good Halloween movie recommendations? What are your top 5 picks this year?

TPK: Did you say Halloween? Now we are speaking in my language! Again, it is difficult to choose just five, but this year, for all you boils and ghouls, my Halloween movie picks would include:

1. Trick r’ Treat, 2007

2. The Nightmare Before Christmas, 1993

3. Pumpkinhead, 1989

4. Night of the Demons, 1988 (remake in 2009)

5. The Monster Squad, 1987

trick r' treat movie halloween

Above: Trick r’ Treat is a modern horror movie themed around Halloween and The Pumpkin King’s number one recommendation.

DL: Fantastic Halloween movie picks! I could not have agreed with you more! What other pumpkin flavored goodies would you recommend?

TPK: If you like Ice cream, then Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream by Home Made. Also Pumpkin eggnog.

DL: Thank you for the interview sir Pumpkin King! So in closing, do you have any final words?

TPK: Enjoy the Autumn season while it lasts! And this song by Type O’ Negative to get you in the mood for Fall!

DL: Believe it or not I used to sing that at Karaoke back in 2007 at Otani Japanese Restaurant when it was still around! God, I miss that place! Thank you again for the interview Sir Pumpkin King!

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