The Walhalla Witch Hunter, an Interview

Walhalla Rd. is a dark and ominous road that exists just north of the Campus region of Columbus Ohio. Legend has it that a fearsome witch roams the wooded area surrounding the road near a place called Mooney Mansion. Today’s guest for Random Interviews Halloween Edition is a Witch Hunter.

DL: Tell me about the Witch of Walhalla Rd. Why is she so scary?

WWH: The Witch of Walhalla is a supernatural creature who roams the wooded areas near Walhalla Rd. She is a truly frightening creature that practices dark magic, but lucky for most of you, she is rarely seen. Her curses are said to be able to drive a person to the brink of madness, to which there is no cure. If that is not enough, she has been known to tear apart her victims with her claws. She is strikingly fast, with supernatural speed and strength.

DL: Why are you hunting the Walhalla Witch?

WWH: As a member of Ordo Hereticus, it is my duty to protect humanity against supernatural creatures such as the Witch of Walhalla. Her crimes against humanity have been heinous. She has murdered many, and many a person who has gone missing were nonetheless victims of the witch.

witch hunter robin SOLOMON

Above: A Hunter group, kind of like SOLOMON from Witch Hunter Robin.

DL: Tell me more about the Ordo Hereticus. What do you do?

WWH: We are an international organization of professional hunters of supernatural beings. Some of us specialize in demons, witches and warlocks. Others vampires and werewolves. A small segment of us specialize in non-corporeal entities such as ghosts, poltergeists and other evil spirits.

Hansel and Gretel are professional witch hunters

Above: Hansel and Gretel are examples of professional witch hunters.

DL: Can you tell me more about the Walhalla Witch? Where did she come from?

WWH: No one really knows, but according to the stories, the Walhalla witch has lived in the area since Clintonville township was established back in the 1800’s. Not much else is known. The witch roams the woods surrounding Walhalla Rd. and terrifies the locals by laying out hexes and curses on any passersby who trespass the woods at night. She was responsible for cursing the owner of Mooney Mansion, causing him to go insane, murdering his entire family with an ax.

DL: I’ve heard of the Mooney Mansion incident… Is there anything else you can tell me about it?

WWH: Besides the part where Mr. Mooney brutally murders his wife and daughter? What else is there to know? The details? They were not recorded by the local police because they did not want to incite panic. I have only heard rumors that the cover up was made possible by members of the Lazarus family in an attempt to keep hidden the horrors of what they have brought to Earth from the beyond.

DL: Who are the members of the Lazarus family?

WWH: I have only heard rumors that they are practitioners of dark magic; witches and warlocks who have powers over demonic beings, but I am unable to confirm whether or not this is true.

DL: What does the Walhalla Witch look like?

WWH: I have only heard the locals speak of her in hushed tones. She supposedly looks like a withered old hag with sharp claws. I believe this image is perhaps the best I can compare her to.

cosplayer as the witch in left 4 dead

Above: The Witch of Walhalla supposedly looks like the one from Left 4 Dead depicted by this cosplayer

DL: Truly frightening… I would not want to run into the Walhalla Witch at night, that’s for sure! Why do you think the Walhalla Witch is so elusive?

WWH: The Witch of Walhalla is possessed by a powerful demon. As the host for the demon, the witch is able to phase in and out of the material plane and onto the hellish planes of Satan and Lucifer. There is rumored to be a literal Gate to Hell that is hidden within the wooded areas surrounding Walhalla Rd. If you knock on this gate, the Devil himself will answer, or perhaps it’s a demon. I don’t know for sure.

DL: Where is this Gate to Hell? Have you seen it or been to it?

WWH: I have only heard rumors of the possibility of its existence. It is not verified.

DL: Do you believe you will be able to slay the Walhalla Witch?

WWH: I intend to… but if I fail, another shall take my place.

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