Perfect Fitness 40lbs Weighted Vest Review

The Perfect Fitness Weighted Vest is a 40 lbs weighted vest that helps its wearer with strength training. It is great for jogging, walking, running, hiking and general cardio such as dancing and martial arts.

Daclaud Lee: Welcome to Random Interviews. So you are a user of the Perfect Fitness 40lbs Weighted Vest? Can I ask you how you like the product?

Perfect Fitness Weighted Vest User (PFU): Hi Daclaud, I can honestly tell you that I absolutely love this weighted vest!

DL: Can you tell me more about yourself and how you use the weighted vest?

PFU: I am 5’8″ and I weigh 185 lbs.  When I wear this vest for training, it brings my body weight up to 225lbs, so I’m moving and running like a morbidly obese person, but I prefer to look at it like I’m wearing a suit of medieval armor and I train like a medieval soldier. I seriously feel like this guy when I’m out there running:

Training like an ironclad medieval knight

After using the vest I can feel my shoulder and leg muscles getting a lot stronger. It also helps with endurance training because when you’re hauling 40 lbs of excess weight, it really takes a toll on your training, so running one mile feels like two. It essentially doubles your workout in my opinion.

DL: Interesting. So what is your favorite features of the vest?

PFU: I run at night and I like how the vest has these reflective edges, which means cars driving by will be able to see me as they drive by. The fact that it is light gray also allows you to stand out and it reduces your chances of getting hit by a car. But here’s a tip: just because they can see you doesn’t mean they will. You should always be aware of your surroundings and watch out for crazy drivers!

DL: I’m sure our readers will thank you for the tip! So how does the weighted vest come out of the box? How is it actually weighted?

PFU: The weights are actually bags of sand. The sand bags fit into pockets lining the weighted vest. It’s really convenient because you can add or subtract as many weights as you’d like. So let’s say 40 lbs is too much for you and you need to remove 10 or 20 lbs; you can actually remove that much weight and the vest will still be effective. This is what the box looks like:

perfect fitness weighted vest box

I would however, recommend removing the weights from the bottom up, because you want the vest to be weighted from the top, down for the best results.

DL: Awesome. So how well does the weighted vest fit?

PFU: In all honesty, I think that’s the main downside of the vest. It fits just fine on me, but since the vest is “one size fits all”, shorter people or people without a high torso may have a hard time wearing the vest because it may hang down below the waist, which may interfere with running, although walking or hiking should still be fine. The vest fits me ok, but because I’m only 5’8″, it feels a little loose, but it’s not a significant problem. The vest can be tightened by adjusting the velcro around the mid section, which helps.

DL: Do you have any problems running with the weighted vest? I’ve heard people complain about possible knee and ankle problems due to adding weights.

PFU: It all depends on how you train. If you train correctly, then it will not effect you in any negative way. In my opinion, the weight is distributed evenly on your torso, so it should reduce the stress on your knees and ankles. Sure the added impact of running as a heavier person can possibly cause damage, but you also have to remember that you are in complete control of your actions. If you start to feel discomfort or pain, then I would suggest slowing down to a brisk walk. Be safe and train safe!

DL: Thanks for your input. Any final words or feedback about the Perfect Fitness Weighted Vest?

PFU: I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in training like a medieval warrior. Or if you just want to train harder for strength. It’s well worth the investment and you will love it!

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