Random New Year’s Resolutions 2016

My new year’s resolution is to not f*ck anymore Playboy bunnies and just go after regular girls – The Pick Up Artist

I am going to spend less time on the internet and more time outdoors, maybe take up fishing and hiking – Deep Web Explorer

This year, I will stop having sex with the female cadavers – Victor Frankenstein

I am going to be the best dad in the world – Frankenstein’s Monster

My resolution is to talk to less people this year – The Introvert

This year, I’m going to learn how to use Audacity for podcasting and take some classes in video editing for Youtube – The Washed up Chinese Restaurant Chef

I think I’m going to eat more apples this year, I hear an apple a day keeps the dentist away – The Vampire

I refuse to make resolutions. I just go out and do things – The Red Room Human Trafficker

This year, I’m going to be just like Batman – Drizzt do Urden

Drink more mead, kill more people, rape more women and maybe learn how to use a computer without bashing it to pieces – Conan the Barbarian

I going get back in shape and join the French Foreign Legion this year – The Furniture Store Salesman

I know I said the same thing last year, but this is the year is for real! This is the year I leave customer service and pursue a new career! I can feel it! – The Burnt Out Customer Service Rep

I think I’m done… I’m just going to become one of them this year – The Zombie Apocalypse Survivor

My NYE resolution is to get out and do more cardio this year! I’m going to run a mile a day just like Mark Zuckerberg said he would! – The Casual Cigarette Smoker

I’m going to find out more uses for pumpkins and give you all more delicious pumpkin recipes and recommendations in 2016! – The Pumpkin King

I dunno… I usually don’t make resolutions, but this year, I’m gonna find the real Santa and challenge him to Santa Brawl 2016 and win baby! – The Real Bad Santa

I will be good…  I will be good… I will be good… – Krampus Victim

Hmmm… I’ve been looking at taking over Valentine’s Day this year – Jack Skellington

I’m going to make $15,000 a month – The Pool Hustler

Instead of Guiness and Smithwicks, I’m going to switch to Michelob Ultra this year for St. Patrick’s Day! I’m sure that will help me lose weight – The Leprechaun

Kill the liberals, burn the trans genders, purge the unclean! – The Witch Hunter

This year, I’m going to leave the cemetery caretaker business and I’m going to become a politician – The Cemetery Man

I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what my helicopter looks like in the new Final Fantasy 7 remake – Rufus Shinra

I’m gonna attend one of those PUA classes this year and learn how to seduce more women – The Werewolf

Do less laundry and use more deodorant (classic) – Wal EE Mart CEO

I’m going to be more of an asshole this year and maybe become a Dark Knight instead. – The Noble Knight

I plan on drinking less coffee and switching over to Green Tea and V8 Energy this year. – The Coffee Addict

This year, I’m going to try to be more creative, partner with more people and possibly take Random Interviews to a new level. – Daclaud Lee

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Daclaud Lee

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