Interview with The Deep Dark Web Explorer

What is the Deep Web?

It’s the deeper, less well traveled part of the internet. In a nutshell, websites on the deep web doesn’t make use of any type of SEO (search engine optimization), so it is less likely to be found. Most of the websites on the deep web are not indexed by Google (although you can access them on any search engine). Let it be known that the deep web is not the same as the dark web. We will learn more about the deep web and even more about the dark web through this interview with the Deep Dark Web Explorer.

Daclaud Lee: Welcome to Random Interviews. My guest today is a deep web (and dark web) explorer. Within the recent months, I have personally noticed a lot of interest in the deep web. But not just the deep web, but the dark web too. Can you tell me a little bit about the deep web?

Deep Dark Web Explorer: The deep web is simply areas of the internet which are not indexed by standard search engines. As you probably know, with your experience as a webmaster, you can log into your web host provider’s back end and choose to have your website not indexed by search engines. By doing so, you remove it from sites such as Google or Bing. This doesn’t mean you can’t access these websites using Google, it just means finding them is a lot more difficult.

DL: What’s the difference between the deep web and the dark web?

DDWE: The dark web is part of the deep web, but the only difference is that the dark web is includes all websites that hide their IP addresses and mask the owner’s identities through encryption tools such as Tor. The dark web is very common place for illegal activity. Whereas the deep web can also include websites like yours (randominterviews), which are not easily searchable, but is indeed public.

DL: Ah, I see how it is! Rub the salt in deeper into my wounds why don’t you? That’s just bad SEO and digital marketing on my part!

DDWE: (Chuckles) It’s just an example. Your SEO is actually good, but your content might need some work.

DL: (Laughs out loud) Everyone is a critic! Let’s talk about the dark web then. I hear that the dark web is a place of nightmares and illicit activity. Is this true?

DDWE: One man’s nightmare is another man’s dream. The dark web certainly is a place where nightmares and dreams can become reality. It’s actually a really disturbing place for normal people and you can find some pretty f*cked up sh*t on the dark web. There are several different types of people who search the dark web. People who actually enjoy that kind of stuff found in that part of the web, people who are just curious, trolls, and people who are in it for the research.

DL: Can you elaborate on this? What kind of “f*cked up sh*t” can be found on the dark web?

DDWE: The best example of the dark web is The Silk Road, which made the media a few years back is a good example. On that site you could purchase illegal drugs, weapons, slaves and even hire hit men. Sites like that still exist on the dark web, but that is only the beginning.

There are several forums that include a community of people who are into animal cruelty and torturing animals. There is a type of fetish video out there called a crush video, and it’s basically where someone stomps on a small or large animal and breaks its bones, including vertebrae.

There’s also forums where you can find information on how to kidnap, rape, torture and kill women and children. Users are encouraged to take pictures and post examples.

Snuff films and even live streams of people getting murdered called Red Rooms can be found on the dark web. The live streaming of course is done at a price, paid out in bit coin, which is the currency of dark web transactions because it’s harder to trace. The director of these Red Rooms decides the fate of the victim and the victim is usually tortured heinously. I once heard a dark web story about a Red Room murder of a woman streamed live from some Middle Eastern country. The director ordered one of the men to bludgeon and beat her until she was nearly unconscious. Then finally he ordered the men to take out her eyes before they slowly cut off her head.

DL: Wow, that’s pretty disturbing. I can’t imagine what kind of person actually watches that kind of stuff.

DDWE: Like I said, that’s only the beginning… There are also cannibal forums where there are not only people who enjoy the taste of human flesh, but also people who volunteer to have cannibals eat them.

There are also videos which the Mexican drug cartels make which feature kidnapped civilians. The cartel leaders make them fight in gladiatorial style arenas with machetes, baseball bats and other crude weapons. The winners are recruited into the cartel as assassins, but their life expectancy is not really high as they are often sent off on suicide missions.

There is also a Russian website where you can purchase sex slaves. One of the worst featured amputees because they are unable to run away. It is not known whether they are already amputees or if they amputate them when they are sold.

The worst of all was a video called Daisy’s Destruction, which was a child porn / sniff film shot in Thailand or the Philippines. The girls who were raped were as young in between as young as 11 months to 9 years old.

DL: 11 months old?

DDWE: Yeah… only 11 months. That girl supposedly survived the ordeal, but there was a child who was not only murdered was also dismembered on video. The video was sold to collectors all around the world and the sick f*ck made millions of dollars off of it’s distribution around the dark web. They caught the guy though. He was some sick f*ck named Peter Skully, an Australian guy. There was a 60 Minutes documentary about the entire investigation leading to his arrest. The video is supposedly still available on the dark web, but it’s not something I would want to see.

DL: It’s not something I would want to see either. I’m glad they caught that scum bag. But what about the people who actually bought the videos?

DDWE: Those people are not easy to find. Many of them are wealthy collectors who have a lot of money and they can buy their way out of prison.

DL: This content you mentioned is enough to chill me to the bone.

DDWE: And that is probably just the entry point of the dark web. There is much more that I have not even mentioned and a lot more that needs to be found. But please remember, the dark web is not a place where you want to go. You don’t want to accidentally find a child porn site and get arrested for it. There are also some pretty dark and disturbing people out there and you don’t want to get on their bad side. Just remember, curiosity killed the cat.

DL: Yeah, but cats like you have nine lives, so you’re safe! Thank you for the interview, Deep Dark Web Explorer. That was certainly some very interesting, yet disturbing tidbits about the deep web and the dark web. Until next time!

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