The Library Bar on OSU Campus with Nick

Interview Nein (9) – The Library Bar with Nick.  N High Street, Columbus, Ohio, OSU Campus Area. 

The Library Bar (Columbus Ohio, Campus) is a juxtaposition of name and place, where anyone and everyone is welcome.  Initially the name evokes feelings of tranquility and sounds like a coffee shop. Yet, the experience couldn’t be further from the thought. Filled with a sea of smiling faces, and graffiti decorated walls this place is nothing to scoff at.

Placed on OSU’s campus this bar is sandwiched between a sports bar and other divey establishments.  Similar to its scenery the establishment attracts an eclectically cool crowd.  Therefore, while reading the writing on the walls and conversing with friends


Above:  The random graffiti on the wall in The Library Bar was kind of interesting and added to the “college charm” of the place – Daclaud

I decided to ask a friendly bartender named Nick for a random interview.  Please read the disclaimer as these are “spoof” questions and should be no way taken seriously These were his awesomely random responses:

Tera:  What’s one of the weirdest things you’ve seen here?

Nick: Smoking…inside the building

T: Any sex in the bathroom?

N: Not Yet.

T: Your life is an existing Sitcom. Which one is it?

N: Breaking Bad.

LV:  (Hands Nick his camera):  I want you to take a picture of the most random thing in this bar and we’ll post it on our website.


Above:  If anything, they tried!  I give it an “A” for Effort…  Be sure to “LIKEThe Library Bar on Facebook!  Daclaud 

T:  Let’s say you just acquired the Mutant Power of Glittery Skin. Who do you save?

N: Julian Assange

T: If you could direct a porno what would you call it?

N: My Interesting Friday Night Adventure

T: Let’s say that you could star in it and it featured a comic book character. Who would it be and why?

N: The Incredible Hulk…because I like a challenge

T: This time imagine it’s a midget porno. What’s the name?

N: Little People, Big Parts.

T:  Nice. Let’s play a game of Mary, Fuck, or Kill.  Your options are Shrek, Drake, and Putin.

N:  I would Kill Shrek, Fuck Drake, and Marry Putin.

TDennis Rodman, Lady Gaga, and Batman.

N: Fuck Dennis Rodman, Kill Lady Gaga, and Marry Batman

T: Last Round…Hancock, Al Pacino, and Professor X (from X Men).

N: Kill Hancock (I don’t know who Hancock is, so I have to kill him), Fuck Al Pacino, and Marry Professor X.

DL:  Thank you Nick, that was completely awesome!

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  • I always pictured The Library Bar as a gathering place for book worms, Political Science, (any kind of “Science”), Philosophy, Psychology, History, and English Literature majors, as well as pseudo intellectuals who like to drink to stimulate their thought process. There were no douche bags or meat head jocks in there (at least I did not see any at the time, but I’m sure a few of them might have stumbled in at one point or another). College students, nerds, professors and TA’s would definitely love this place. – Daclaud