The Library Bar on OSU Campus with Nick

Interview Nein (9) – The Library Bar with Nick.  N High Street, Columbus, Ohio, OSU Campus Area. 

The Library Bar (Columbus Ohio, Campus) is a juxtaposition of name and place, where anyone and everyone is welcome.  Initially the name evokes feelings of tranquility and sounds like a coffee shop. Yet, the experience couldn’t be further from the thought. Filled with a sea of smiling faces, and graffiti decorated walls this place is nothing to scoff at.

Placed on OSU’s campus this bar is sandwiched between a sports bar and other divey establishments.  Similar to its scenery the establishment attracts an eclectically cool crowd.  Therefore, while reading the writing on the walls and conversing with friends


Above:  The random graffiti on the wall in The Library Bar was kind of interesting and added to the “college charm” of the place – Daclaud

I decided to ask a friendly bartender named Nick for a random interview.  Please read the disclaimer as these are “spoof” questions and should be no way taken seriously These were his awesomely random responses:

Tera:  What’s one of the weirdest things you’ve seen here?

Nick: Smoking…inside the building

T: Any sex in the bathroom?

N: Not Yet.

T: Your life is an existing Sitcom. Which one is it?

N: Breaking Bad.

LV:  (Hands Nick his camera):  I want you to take a picture of the most random thing in this bar and we’ll post it on our website.


Above:  If anything, they tried!  I give it an “A” for Effort…  Be sure to “LIKEThe Library Bar on Facebook!  Daclaud 

T:  Let’s say you just acquired the Mutant Power of Glittery Skin. Who do you save?

N: Julian Assange

T: If you could direct a porno what would you call it?

N: My Interesting Friday Night Adventure

T: Let’s say that you could star in it and it featured a comic book character. Who would it be and why?

N: The Incredible Hulk…because I like a challenge

T: This time imagine it’s a midget porno. What’s the name?

N: Little People, Big Parts.

T:  Nice. Let’s play a game of Mary, Fuck, or Kill.  Your options are Shrek, Drake, and Putin.

N:  I would Kill Shrek, Fuck Drake, and Marry Putin.

TDennis Rodman, Lady Gaga, and Batman.

N: Fuck Dennis Rodman, Kill Lady Gaga, and Marry Batman

T: Last Round…Hancock, Al Pacino, and Professor X (from X Men).

N: Kill Hancock (I don’t know who Hancock is, so I have to kill him), Fuck Al Pacino, and Marry Professor X.

DL:  Thank you Nick, that was completely awesome!

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