The Red Room Human Trafficker (Dark Web Horror)

The internet can be the host to many dark and ominous things. The Red Room is one of these places. It is a side of the internet that most people would never even think of venturing into. You see, a Red Room is a live stream of a real human being tortured, raped and killed for the entertainment of people who get off on that kind of stuff.

I can’t recall where I met this guy. Let’s just say he found me and wanted to be interviewed. The truth is, he’s just like you or me, another face in the crowd. You might even know him, but he doesn’t want you to know who he “really” is. He is a man who works for an organization that tortures and kills people for a price on the dark and shadow web.

Red Room Human Trafficker: There was a time in my life when I just needed some money. I was so broke and living with my mother at the time. No one was hiring, or at least no one wanted to hire me. I was so desperate for a job, that I started looking into Craigslist for job opportunities. Then I saw this link. It was for a test. It had a bunch of multiple choice questions, about 500 questions total I think. I won’t go into the details of these questions, but I suppose it was some kind of psychological assessment test, not so much unlike the ones they give you for a real job. I had time to kill, so I answered truthfully to every question. At that time, I had no idea what I was getting into.

Daclaud Lee: How many people have you kidnapped for this organization?

RRK: I don’t know. If I were to give an approximate guess, I’d say about 50 or more.

DL: Excuse me if I find that hard to believe. We both live in the first world. A place where crimes do not go really tend to go unsolved (at least not for long). How does a Red Room trafficker get away with what they do without getting caught?

RRK: (Laughs out loud) DL, don’t be so f*cking naive man! Here’s a rhetorical question for you; do you even f*cking pay attention? (He shook his head) Of course not right? Most people couldn’t care less and the news and media don’t seem to care enough to generate awareness.

Let me ask you something else; how many times a day do you see stuff like this on the news? It’s not until the mother f*ckers actually get caught is when it turns into a national news, then it dies out after a few months to a year, then everyone loses interest.

DL: What do you mean exactly?

RRK: If you’ve been to Walmart lately, then the answer is right f*cking there. I’m sure you’ve seen the wall of missing people after you check out. Maybe you just didn’t notice, but they’re mostly children and teenagers, their pictures are plastered all over the wall with a missing person’s hotline. How many people do you think actually take the time to look? How many of them do you think were there when the kid got kidnapped? There are tons of missing persons photos on the walls and most of them will probably never be found again.

But to answer your other question. It’s easy… (He paused for a little bit and rolled his eyes, but continued) Just don’t be the idiot who gets caught; think Ariel Castro for example. That mother f*cker got caught and now he’s dead.

Above: Ariel Castro is an example of a prolific kidnapper and rapist

DL: How does Ariel Castro fit into all of this?

RRK: You know, those women who he kept as sex slaves? It’s no different. He was just a broke as mother f*cker who was just as sick as the people I work for.

Every day, I just went out there and did what I needed to do, and I did it without being seen and if I had to be seen, I’d make sure it looks natural, as if it is just another day on the streets.

DL: What was your first day on the job like? Who was your first victim?

RRK: She was a prostitute.

When I first took the job, my employer gave me specific instructions. We communicated on some kind of online chat system. Then he (I assume it was a he) asked me to confirm my address and within a few days, he sent me money to purchase a cheap car. He wanted me to buy a used vehicle (make and model is irrelevant) for a few grand at some second hand cash and carry dealership. This would be my work vehicle. He also told me to steal a license plate from a similar car and put it on mine when I was ready to do the job.

Once I did all of that, he told me I was ready to go out on my first assignment. He wanted me to drive down to a certain part of the city in between the hours of 1am – 4am and get him a prostitute; a “street walker”. He said he was running a porn site and he needed to recruit active “talent” (if you can even call it that), but he didn’t want to be seen doing it himself. He said to look for lone women who looked desperate and to make sure that there were no other people nearby to see me pick her up. He gave me specific instructions on how to interact and even how to slowly turn into and down the side streets to pick them up. This was to prevent any witnesses from seeing me pick her up.

hooker about to be abducted
Above: Prostitute about to be transported to the Red Room

I started driving at 1 am in mid summer and I’ll tell you, I was so f*cking nervous when I was headed down that strip. There were women and men walking around even well past midnight. A lot of cars too, but not many. Then I saw a girl who was walking by, turning her head around to get my attention. She was in relatively plain clothes and didn’t really stand out as a prostitute. So I made eye contact and turned slowly into the nearest side street to wait for her.  She followed. That part was easy. She got in and asked me if I was a cop and when I said no, she seemed cool with me. We chatted for a while. I asked her how old she was, and she said she was 24. I tried my best to warm up to her and make her comfortable before asking her if she wanted to have some fun. She asked me what kind of fun and my only answer was “you know, “fun””. Can I give you $50 to have some fun with me? I asked. Naturally she said yes.

Then I told her about my “friend” and how he wanted to get laid tonight too but also wanted to take video and pictures. At first she did not seem okay with it, but I offered her an extra $20 and she agreed. We keep driving and I tell her we were going to meet him. I pulled up to the location, which was a construction site, and the girl gets a little freaked out, but I assure her that everything will be okay.

There’s a vehicle parked there, the make and model is irrelevant, with tinted windows and the driver is wearing a plain black mask. There are two other men with him, and they also wore similar black ski masks and latex gloves. They all wore the same outfits, black button up shirts and black pants, so there was no way to really identify them. They could have been wait staff at a restaurant, the way they were dressed.

Now the prostitute really gets freaked out and she tells me how there’s no way she’s getting out of the car. So I unlock the door and I get out to meet the masked men. To be honest, I was a little freaked out myself, but the guy who gave me instructions online told me exactly what to expect, three guys with masks and a vehicle. One of the men approaches me, but does not say a word. He hands me an envelope and that’s it.

Above: A victim of human traffickers

The car door was not locked so they easily force the girl out. She is kicking and screaming, but these guys seemed like they had done this before. We were too far out for her screams to be heard by anyone, and it looked like the drugged her and carried her into the van. The girl disappears into the vehicle and the men drive away.

I look into the envelope and I find a thousand in cash and a URL written on the inside with a note telling me to log in tomorrow at 3pm. It said this was “mandatory”, but I wasn’t worried about it yet. Then I suddenly remembered the license plates; the stolen ones. I was told to discard them at a Walmart dumpster, so I removed them and did just that.

DL: What happened to the prostitute? Do you know where they took her?

RRK: Man… I guess you “would” ask that question. But f*ck man, I’ll tell you and I’ll even go into graphic detail.

DL: It’s your interview, but I’d appreciate that.

RRK: I was feeling really guilty about the girl. I wasn’t sure what those men were going to do to her. Then I remembered the URL on the envelope. There was also a note with instructions on how to install a special VPN (Virtual Private Network) onto my computer. I had never used one before, but the note told me that I had to do this in order to make sure I wouldn’t be tracked online.

After I had done this, I enter the URL exactly as instructed into the web browser… As soon as I clicked enter, it asked me for a password, so I entered in what was written on the inside envelope. It directed me to a video or rather it was a live stream as I later figured out.

Above: A victim about to be murdered in the Red Room

The prostitute was in the background. She was all tied up on a metal table. There was a masked man dressed like a crude surgeon’s outfit, he wore a vinyl apron, a plastic splatter guard mask, and latex gloves. What happened next was just beyond messed up.

RRK: She was screaming and cursing loudly.  The man looked pissed off, so he knocked out her teeth with a hammer. After that, she started crying. Then the man started pulling out her tongue with a pair of plyers and used an exacto-knife to slowly slice it off… (He pauses momentarily). Are you sure you want me to go on? I mean is Random Interviews ready for this?

DL: I am documenting reality here. Yeah, Random Interviews is ready.

RRK: The man used the same exacto-knife and he removed one of her eyes. He called out to make sure the cameras got this. Once that was confirmed, he removed the second eye. After it was confirmed that the cameras got the visual, he placed the exacto knife in a glass jar and sat down on a stool. The girl was gurgling, unable to scream, but still very much alive.

Above: A Red Room “director” orders the victim’s tongue to be cut off.

At this point I was just speechless. I can’t say I was scared, but certainly disgusted. I almost wanted to close the web browser, but I had this morbid curiosity to continue watching.

After the short break, the man in the surgeon’s outfit nodded in response to someone off camera, and proceeded to flip and rotate the table over (it was a rotating metal table) so that the girl was now upside down with her legs pointing towards the ceiling. He and picked up a hand saw and he began to cut into at the crotch until he reached her abdomen and then he stopped and laid the saw down.

red room dark web
Above: A Red Room Torturer’s Tools

He sat back down on the stool and looked at the girl. After this short break, he took some surgical tools and started cutting into the girl’s chest and stomach. He had clamps to open her up by the ribs. He carefully began removing her internal organs. I wasn’t sure if she was still alive or not, I just hoped she was either dead or had passed out from the pain, because it was really messed up. And some sick f*ck actually paid for this sh*t to be done. You see, the ones who pay are usually directing the action. Either that or they are the ones actually performing the act. I don’t know how it’s arranged, they never told me and I never cared to discuss this with them.

When the woman was confirmed dead, the man placed all of her organs in air-sealed bags and then put them in what looked like an iced container. Another masked man in medical garments entered the room and quickly took the containers away in a mobile cart.

DL: Do you know what they do with the girl’s organs?

RRK: I don’t know. Maybe they were also kidney thieves or something? Maybe they sold them to some rich f*ck in Dubai who needed an organ transplant but didn’t have the patience to wait. I just hope that prostitute didn’t have any STDs. I doubt these people actually would have cared as long as they got their money. I mean, why limit yourself to just one illegal business when you can kill two birds with one stone?

DL: So, people actually paid money to watch this?

RRK: Yeah… As many as 200 – 5000 bit coins depending on what was done and who the victim was. I think the buyer also got to keep the video too, because it was shot on multiple angles with different cameras. As soon as the girl was confirmed to be dead, I received a text message with my next assignment.

DL: And you accepted? Knowing what was expected of you?

RRK: I had no choice. They told me if I went to the authorities, they would do the same to me and my entire family. As if that wasn’t enough, I was also offered an incentive bonus if I kept at it.

DL: How much did they pay you per victim?

RRK: It was enough for a modest living. Like all businesses, the people running the show kept the majority of the money and I was paid pennies. The upside was that I didn’t really have to work much. I only had to kidnap about one victim a week, but I was given anywhere from $2000 – $10000 cash per person. Not all of these people had to come from the same State either. In order to avoid suspicion, I would travel to different cities each weekend.

At first it was just mainly prostitutes, but I had to screen them all and make sure they didn’t have family that would be looking for them if they went missing. In order to keep things low key, they wanted homeless people (male or female, it didn’t matter). They wanted homeless people because there were some buyers out there who wanted to see someone murdered, but were not able to pay the standard asking price, so the homeless population was the niche. Not very many people in society would notice them gone, so they were less likely to be missed than prostitutes.

The homeless people were surprisingly easier to lure into the car too. All I had to do was promise them food, booze or drugs (sometimes all three), but I had to be careful, because a man with nothing to lose can be unpredictable. Luckily, most of the homeless people I picked up were already drunk or high and thought they were going to get more booze, food or drugs when I took them to the drop point. They all went willingly and without a struggle. I don’t even think they realized their lives were in danger, much less the horrors that awaited them in the Red Room.

Above: The homeless population are less likely to be noticed missing

The kids, mainly teens and preteens, were the hardest to kidnap, but many of them were unwanted by their parents. They were all from low income families. Many of them were abused and neglected. Their parents would never even notice that they were gone. A lot of them were runaways and I would find them at Greyhound stations before the pedophiles got to them. They paid the most for the kids… The homeless people were not worth as much, but it was still something. It’s funny how a price can be placed on a person.

Above: Children from low income households are often unwanted and often end up missing

DL: Did you watch all of the video streams of people get killed?

RRK: No. I didn’t have to, nor did I want to. I mean, after I agreed to the job, they never asked me to watch again. The message was very clear in their first video stream. I was just some douche bag they recruited for the job based on the results of my test. I was not to f*ck with them. I was not to call the cops, I was not to set them up, I was not to ask any questions, I was not allowed to get caught by the cops, and I was not allowed to quit either. If I followed all of these rules, I got to live, and so did my relatives and friends.

DL: You mentioned before that how you thought it was “messed up”, but you also said that you have personally kidnapped over 50 individuals. Why did you continue to do this when you knew exactly what would happen to them?

RRK: We all need money to live in this world and the lack of money was the simple driving force behind me doing what I did. Mark Twain once said “The lack of money is the root of all evil,” and I think he was right… At least in my case. I can’t speak for the rich f*cks out there who actually pay for this; they are just pure evil. But now I’m just rambling. But do you want to know what the most f*cked up thing about this is?

DL: Tell me.

RRK: If you dance with the Devil, the Devil don’t change. The Devil Changes you… and I sold my soul for cheap. That was a line from 8MM, you should watch that movie.

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