Valentine’s Day 2016 with 10 Random People

Valentine’s Day can either be the most romantic or the most depressing holiday depending on who you ask. This year, we interview several featured guests to find out how they spent their Valentine’s Day this year. Some of these are crazy, at least one is silly and some are quite heartbreaking. You have been warned…


Valentine’s Day and suicidal thoughts

I’ve always dreaded Valentine’s Day… It has always been the blackest holiday for me. Don’t get me wrong, I have always liked the concept of love and it is a feeling that I had always hoped to share with that special someone, but each year I find myself alone and envious of all the happy couples out there. The feeling of loneliness just makes me want to kill myself. I drank myself a bottle of Grey Goose to oblivion the entire day and was screaming and crying in my apartment, I’m sure my neighbors weren’t pleased… Eventually I passed out and woke up with the biggest hangover ever, knowing that I survived another year.


I’d rather spend Valentine’s Day alone

I spent Valentine’s Day alone, but it was out of pure choice for me. You see, I’m casually “dating” multiple girls and I can’t say I have a main squeeze at this time. None of them are really serious anyways, so f*ck it, I’m not going to take any of them out… I really don’t care much about Valentine’s Day anyways.


A girl’s night out and a fling with the waiter

I was a group of my girls out on Valentine’s Day at a local pub/tavern. We were all drinking and I noticed this really hot waiter. He just looked so young and yummy, and I couldn’t resist! I’m not bad looking myself (I’m 39 by the way), but I’m single this Valentine’s Day because I don’t want to really commit to anyone at this point. I got his attention as I was going to the restroom and I gave him a blowjob in the store room.


DP, MMF and double barrel blowjobs

I went out Valentine’s Day to a restaurant with my wife and we were sitting at the bar having drinks. I thought it was going to be a plain old dinner, movie and love making session, but my wife was flirting with the bartender the entire time and for some reason I found it kind of hot. I mean, he was an attractive man so I let her do it. Long story short, we ended up inviting him home for some MMF. It was just so hot to see my wife suck on both of our cocks. This was the first time I had ever had a threesome with another man and I’m definitely not gay.


The ghost of Valentine’s Day past

My girlfriend of 7 years passed away on December 2014. She was my college sweetheart, the first and only girl I had ever been with and I really haven’t been able to move on. I miss her like crazy. I went into our favorite restaurant on Valentine’s Day; it was a casual restaurant, so I didn’t need a reservation. I ordered our favorite wine and her favorite dish and I ate my meal as if she was there with me. I know this is probably unhealthy, but I need to do this because I know that in spirit, she is still with me.


The unlikeliest places to find a date

I don’t have a special someone this year and all of my friends seemed to be spending V-Day with their significant others. I was the only one who was single this year, so my only option was to binge watch shows on Netflix, but the only problem was, I didn’t really like anything on Netflix and wasn’t really in the mood, so I decided to browse the internet, looking up stuff for singles to do on Valentine’s Day. Then I somehow ended up in a chat room on IMVU (for those unfamiliar, it’s game where you create an avatar and play dress up) and I ended up talking to this guy (yes, there are men on IMVU) and we ended up hitting it off. We exchanged Facebook info and he really wasn’t bad looking, he had this punk/hipster look to him and I find that really hot. It turns out he lives close by! We’re actually meeting next weekend for drinks.


Money can buy you love (at least temporarily)

I’m recently single and I’ll tell you something, I hate Valentine’s Day… in fact, I hate dating in general. It’s just a constant reminder of how much of a f*ck up all my relationships have been. I’m a good looking guy, but for some reason I can’t seem to keep a girl for long and to be completely honest, maybe it’s because I don’t want anything long term with anyone. This year, I just couldn’t stand being alone, so I went to the escorts section on Backpage and called up a girl to “hang out” with. She said her rates were $100 an hour, but I negotiated for her to stay the entire night for $500. This isn’t such a big deal, because I make about $100 an hour myself as a physician… Escorts are great by the way! I give her what she wants (money) and she gives me what I want (sex).

-Dr. K

No money no honey

I’m single and unemployed so I really can’t afford to date at this time. It doesn’t really bother me, I mean, when you have a job and money, you have nothing else to think about except love and companionship, but when you don’t have money or a job, the only thing you’re thinking about is finding a job. So basically I spent Valentine’s Day looking at job boards like Career Builder and Monster. I got this interview coming up with this temp agency. Yeah, being single sucks, but I really don’t have time to think about Valentine’s Day because finding a job is all I’m thinking about right now.


Single and I have to work on Valentine’s Day…

I work as a bartender at high end restaurant. On the positive side, I get to make some extra money in tips (people tip a lot on Valentine’s Day) but on the negative side, I’m subjected to all of the sickening lovey dovey sh*t that happy couples like to do on Valentine’s Day. I’m single so watching them makes me envious. All those guys who are able to go home and bang their hot girlfriends; man it’s not fair!


St. Valentine’s Day and Zombies…

Valentine’s Day you ask? Who f*cking cares? It’s the premiere of Walking Dead Season 6, episode 9! Who the f*ck cares about Valentine’s Day?


walking dead season 6
screw Valentine’s Day – it’s The Walking Dead Season 6!

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